Welcome to Cupcakes-A-Go-Go – Cupcake Reviewer!

At Cupcakes-A-Go-Go we believe in rating the best cupcake designs from around the world. Everyone needs sugar to live, so why not have it in the form of a hand-crafted, ultra decadent cupcake that is delicious to eat and beautiful to look at? We love artisanal cupcake bakers whose mission it is to maximize the cupcake experience for everyone…including our editors.

We will review cupcakes providers from anywhere, as long as the look delicious they quality to be rated. Got somewhere you think is good…bring it on and let us know about it.

We adore custom made cupcakes like the ones you can see below.  Frosting transfers are cool too and seem to be popular with corporate type people.

Stay tuned for more amazing designs!