Recommending a Cake Shop near you!

Todays is all about this wonderful online cake store we have found. Their name is Cake in a Box and they are located, again in Glasgow UK. This place is a a treasure trove for sugar fiends!

A first glimpse at the site tells you everything you need to know about what events they cater for. Birthday cakes,  wedding cakes, holy communion cakes, anniversary cakes, cupcakes, corporate events and christening cakes, they have each occasion covered pretty well. After viewing what they offer you get to see what talent they have in the actual custom made designs their cake makers can provide. For a cake shop they are highly gifted professionals, thats is easy to see.

Here is an example…

Look at the details in this work of art! I mean, come on! Hand made sugar flowers eveywhere in a colorful explosion. Wonderful.

Its easy to see why these guys are sought after to create celebrations cakes. The detail and effort taken to develop such ideas from cake is impressive.

Having contact the guys at Cake in a Box, they explained that each cake is assigned a schedule when being made. This process starts with the cake itself when it baked. Texture of cake, we are told, is important depending on the overall style of the cake. If a cake can not support the weigh of the sugar decorations, that is a receipe for disaster. Literally.

Once the cake is perfected, the cake is creamed and jammed if necessary, then covered in fondant or sugarpaste, either colored or normally white. Then the fun nows begins.

The team, who are mostly females, are meticulous when comes to creating the various decorations for cakes. Flowers, and feminine designs, are their preferred specialitry,  with wedding cakes top of the list.

Everything has made, from the small baby figurines for Christening and communion cakes to gardens tools used on designer birthday cakes. The Cake in a Box shop in filled with all kinds of display cake designs and cupcakes.

From adult cakes to childrens cake for boys and girls, they have a selection on view that will take forever to view and enjoy.

Feel like a visit but cant? No worry, is where you need to go. The cakes on display are vast with enough for everyone.

If you are thinking of ordering, make sure to give enough lead time, the site states minimum order time is approxiamtely 7 days…so beware .

For more fun examples really do look at the site, its definitely worth it.


Cake & Cupcake? Now thats just greedy!

Hey everyone. We are here today to tell you all about this fabulous design that combines a designer hand bag cake …and wait for it…cupcakes! Genius.

Without further ado, here it is, a cake design by Top Tier in Glasgow, Scotland UK:

Now if this doesnt appeal to all you LV girls our there…we doubt anything will. Okay, so on with the review.

First off, the overall design of the cake is off the cuff, its colorful and truly desirable. We like the way the cake designers have added all the little details of the LV print and the brown fondant to distinguish the leather. The red coated cake board is a nice touch and ties in perfectly with the use of ribbons and the Sugar number 40 with dragee decoration. All in all its a work of art.


As much as this birthday cake looks fantastic, the most important thing about a cake is how it tastes. Taste is of overall importance. Read on for our verdict on the tastiness.


Well ladies and gentlemen, having weighed up all the verious component that make a great cake, including texture, moistness, type of filling etc…we are thrilled to say this cake did not disappoint. It tastes amazing!

We found that the buttercream litterly melts in your mouth and the sponge is so soft and fluffy its hard to comprehend how good it is. The portions are ample so there is plenty to go around which means the tasting pleasure goes on and on.

Believe it on not, the cake itself was sooo good we almost forgot about the cupcakes…of all things! Without hesitation we jumped right in and boom…we had mouth explosions of epic propportions. The soft cupcake sponge is delicious and the topping to die for.  Lets not kid ourselves, there is nothing fat free here, so we enjoyed it while the going was good and shovelled as much into our mouths as we could humanly achieve. So worth it.

 Overall, this cake and cupcake design scores 9.9/10. Everything just seems to work right, from the look to the taste.  Not a bad way to celebrate..a cake like this will do any celebration a credit.

Designer cakes and cupcakes are the thing right now and we couldnt recommend Top Tier any more for our readers based in the UK. Obviously peoples tastes and styles are all different, but the beauty of a designer cake maker is that they mostly make custom orders, so whatever you require im sure their designers will be able to assist you.

Find Top Tier cakes on their website or search online. We stumbled upon them whilst looking typing cakes Glasgow in a local area. We always recommend searching for goods in your local area to help business that deserve it.

So for more Birthday cakes or even wedding cakes…heck any celebration for that mater, you know where to look now.  Christening cakes, Engagements, corporate cupcakes, baby shower cupcakes…they can all be found there.

Catch us next time around when we will be reviewing even more tasty creations that  will make your blood pressure rise. Literally!

Stay tuned.


Welcome to Cupcakes-A-Go-Go – Cupcake Reviewer!

At Cupcakes-A-Go-Go we believe in rating the best cupcake designs from around the world. Everyone needs sugar to live, so why not have it in the form of a hand-crafted, ultra decadent cupcake that is delicious to eat and beautiful to look at? We love artisanal cupcake bakers whose mission it is to maximize the cupcake experience for everyone…including our editors.

We will review cupcakes providers from anywhere, as long as the look delicious they quality to be rated. Got somewhere you think is good…bring it on and let us know about it.

We adore custom made cupcakes like the ones you can see below.  Frosting transfers are cool too and seem to be popular with corporate type people.

Stay tuned for more amazing designs!